SPAM solution

You probably get unwanted email every day and spend time to delete them. There is a simple solution.

The sender must be in your adress book or start the subject with your password – then the email is delivered to your inbox.
All other emails are deleted and the sender gets a response mail stating the password:
”Your mail did not reach me, try again and this time start the subject with fiftyfive written in numbers”.

Mass sends
If you are on a mailing list they wont write your password but you can put them in your adress book.
Your mail client could collect adresses that are rejected and you can then mark the ones that will be transfered to your adress book.

Solution benefits
Can be implemented today, right now.
You benefit immediately even if you are the only one using this in the whole world.

Peter Lembke – Date created: 2006-04-28 Time: 06:35:42 Date changed: 2006-04-28