Behavioral patterns (Beteendemönster)


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Mönster som underlättar kommunikation mellan objekt. (Wikipedia)

Chain of responsibility pattern

Command objects are handled or passed on to other objects by logic-containing processing objects

Command pattern

Command objects encapsulate an action and its parameters

”Externalize the Stack”

Turn a recursive function into an iterative one that uses a stack[1]

Hierarchical visitor pattern

Provide a way to visit every node in a hierarchical data structure such as a tree

Interpreter pattern

Implement a specialized computer language to rapidly solve a specific set of problems

Iterator pattern

Iterators are used to access the elements of an aggregate object sequentially without exposing its underlying representation

Mediator pattern

Provides a unified interface to a set of interfaces in a subsystem

Memento pattern

Provides the ability to restore an object to its previous state (rollback)

Null Object pattern

Designed to act as a default value of an object

Observer pattern

aka Publish/Subscribe or Event Listener. Objects register to observe an event that may be raised by another object

Weak reference pattern

De-couple an observer from an observable

Protocol stack

Communications are handled by multiple layers, which form an encapsulation hierarchy

Scheduled-task pattern

A task is scheduled to be performed at a particular interval or clock time (used in real-time computing)

Single-serving visitor pattern

Optimise the implementation of a visitor that is allocated, used only once, and then deleted

Specification pattern

Recombinable business logic in a boolean fashion

State pattern

A clean way for an object to partially change its type at runtime

Strategy pattern

Algorithms can be selected on the fly

Template method pattern

Describes the program skeleton of a program

Visitor pattern

A way to separate an algorithm from an object

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