Pokemon Go – New features

pokemongoI am a collector, my friends are collectors – we collect Pokemons. When we have all evolutions on a Pokemon we do not want to see that Pokemon again.

Collectors do not care much about how powerful the Pokemos are or their abilities. Gyms are not interesting.The fun is to find new Pokemons and to evolve Pokemons and hatch eggs.

So as a collector I would like to see some of these features in Pokemon Go.

#1, More Pokemons
When you have 100/140 then there is less chance that you find anything interesting.

#2, More evolutions
Some Pokemons can not be evolved. Make all Pokemons evolve at least three steps.

#3, Disable Pokemons
If you have all variations of a Pokemon then:
Setting so the vibration do not start
Setting so you do not see them at all

#4, Collect Pokestop IDs
Give every Pokestop an ID.
Store on each player: PokestopId, first_visit_date
Add a button to show a list of all Pokestops you have visited.
If a Pokestop is removed then remove it from this list too.
Add the Pokestop ID to the journal.
Be able to click on a Pokestop ID to see details about that Pokestop.

#5, Group Pokestops
When you enter a Pokestop that is part of a group then you see an indicator in the Pokestop.
Click the indicator and then all Pokestops in that group will be marked.
Give a reward if you pick all Pokestops in a group on the same day.
Be able to see a list of Pokegroups that you have managed and the date the first time you took the group.

#6, Mark visited Pokestops
Pokestops that you have ever visited should be marked, look different on the map.

#7, Pokestop items
Instead of later throwing unwanted items you could pick those you want.
Today you visit a Pokestop and press X to get all the items in that stop.
Extend to: If you click on one or more of the items and then press X then you only get those items.

#8, Pokestop items game
You get Experience points when visiting a Pokestop.
Throw in a bubble with 2x or 1/2x or 0x to multiply on the experience points.
Then you must pick the bubbles you want and then press X.

#9, Professor kickback
Today you get one candy for each transferred Pokemon to the Professor.
I would like to get 1 candy for each evolution stage. A Poliwag = 1 candy, A Poliwhirl = 2 candy, A Poliwrath 3 candy.
Above that also get experience points that is a percentage if the maximum power.
A Poliwag 100 * percent of maximum power. A poliwhirl 200 * percent of maximum power. A Poliwrath 300 * percent of maximum power.
Example: A Poliwhirl that have power 444 is about 70% of maximum. That would give you 200 * 0.7 = 140 XP and 2 candy.

#10, Golden eggs
A 15 Km egg, a 20 Km egg – with a Pokemon that is not available in the other eggs.

#11, Upgrade egg
Drop a 2Km egg on a 2Km egg to get a 5Km egg.
Drop a 5Km egg on a 5Km egg to get a 10Km egg.
That is a way to avoid getting more Pokemons you do not want.
It is also a way to give more 2Km eggs and then it is up to the player to upgrade the eggs.

#12, Pokecoins
Give Pokecoins for selling things.
Then it is fun to collect more items and might require that I buy a bag upgrade.
A collector do not want Revive, Hyper potion, Super potion, Potion.
A collector want Egg incubators, Lure, Lucky eggs, Incense.

#13, Gym Lure
A gym is a waste of space for a collector.
If they could be used with a Lure then we would have use for them.

#14, Filter Pokemons
Filter out Pokemons that you have enough candy to evolve. ”Can evolve”
Filter out Pokemons that can be evolved into a new Pokemon that you do not have. ”Evolve to new”
Filter out Pokemons that are duplicates and can not be evolved into something new. ”To professor”
The goal is to collect all the variations of a Pokemon, the ”To professor” do a smart selection with that goal in mind.

#15, Eggs button
Why are eggs hidden as a side menu under the ”Pokemon” button?
Give it a button instead.

#16, Badges
Give a reward for fulfilling a bagde.
Write in the badge what the reward will be.

#17, ”Distance”
In the same menu as ”Journal” and ”Customize”, add ”Distance”
Store: Date, Km
Be able to click on a date to see the entries from that date in the journal.

#18, Friends
Setting to show yourself on the map for friends or for all that are close by.
Setting to share basic information to friends – like achievements data.
Wordfeud have a message service built in. It is very popular. Pokemon GO could have that too.
Setting to allow a status indicator to show to your friends when you are active with Pokemon GO.

#19, Cross bread
Add cross bread Pokemons. Take two level 1 Pokemons, put them in an egg, walk to hatch.
or two level 2, or two level 3. You can not evolve cross breaded Pokemons (practical problem with candy)
This would broaden the collection of Pokemons and make it fun again to collect those common Pokemons, because they are needed for the cross breads.
It is also needed to buy more egg incubators and also needed to walk more.

#20, Upgrade balls
Upgrade a ball with stardust to make it more potent.
This is a way to upgrade a normal ball to the other types of balls.
One of the things you can do when you are not able to go out and collect Pokemons.

#21, Improve the Pokestops
One of the interesting things with Pokestops is the information in them. But some have no information.
This could be expanded so that a Pokestop learn you something about the place.
I would love to find a runestone or rock carvings in a Pokestop. See in the Pokestop that there is a group of similar experiences, click that group and go on an historical journey that day.
Perhaps add links to Wikipedia and give them referral money, they really need that income.

#22, Places (Spots of information)
In Wikipedia there are coordinates attached to articles about places.
Like Stockholm have 59.329444,18.068611. That could be used to indicate on the map that there are an information spot.
The collectors can then collect those spots. They can be registered for the player by spot_id and date_first_visited just like the Pokestops.
And then marked on the map so that the player know that they have visited this spot before.
And Wikipedia could get some referral money for this. At least from paying players that visit the spot.
Setting to turn spots on/off.